ACT Math/Science Workshop





This course is designed to give students a combination of practice sessions and online video tutoring.  There are 4 sessions and each session comes with its own homework.  The entire course works through 8 former ACT tests.  During the sessions students will work through several science passages and the most difficult math problems for about an hour session with Mr. Mizzell.  After each session, students will have math and science homework. Each homework assignment will include comprehensive videos explaining each science question or math problem. 


For a student to maximize results Mr. Mizzell  recommends that students have the video page up while working through the material - treat this like a one on one tutoring session. As a student encounters a question or problem they do not understand they should immediately click on the video link for that question and  hear Mr. Mizzell's detailed explanation of how to work the problem.  The student can then proceed to the next problem, creating a process that allows the student to learn as they go.  This method will allow the students to achieve the best results.  After completing the homework students then move to the next teaching session . 


This is a fantastic value that AllPencilsDown is offering students to prepare for the June ACT!    PLEASE do not share the course materials and videos with anyone else.  Mr. Mizzell has priced this in order to help students take advantage of downtime during the COVID 19 crisis.  To further assist students during this time we will be offering an online mock test on April 4th.   Students will download and print out the test that morning and tune in to the livestream for the test to be proctored. Let us know if you'd like to receive the email for that live broadcast.


This course will only be available for the next 2-3 weeks.  You can use it until the June 14 test date, but it will only be available a limited time after things begin to return to normal and students return to school.


Price : $35


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