In School Prep Course

AllPencilsDown has spent 15 years working with students from all backgrounds and score ranges.  We have developed our core program to fit in the school classroom.  This program is designed for the classroom teachers to administer with their students.  We had 3 pilot programs for the statewide test this past April and all the feedback has been great.  Two schools had between 50 and 60 students and one school had 90 students in the program.


The course is built on The Real ACT by the ACT test writers with 5 former ACT administered tests.  Laura McDanal and George Mizzell present all of the information students need to understand how the test is designed and what skills the test is assessing.  Each session provides students with in-class work, as well as homework.  George and Laura seriously stress the importance of getting the homework done and having the classroom teacher provide the accountability for the student to make sure they do the homework.


This course is designed for a classroom teacher to take one class period per week for the 6 weeks prior to the ACT test and let the students watch the video and work along with the video during class.  The videos are for the first 5 weeks and the 6th week is intended for an in-class practice test administration.  The videos are from 40-45 minutes long.  The course is intended for the English teacher to present the English video, Math teachers present the Math videos, Science teachers present the Science videos.  Most schools assign the Reading videos to the Social Studies teachers.  This is how the videos are arranged but a school can use them any way they want.


The license is for the entire school but is NOT for students to watch from home.  The efficiency in the pricing of this course is derived from having a classroom with a number of students watching the video.  However, if a student misses a class and the teacher wants to log in and let them watch the video the next day, that is acceptable, but not for the teacher to just hand our the access information for students and friends to watch from home.  


This course is normally $415 per student course, but offered this way the cost is usually less than $100 per student (Please call for pricing).  That includes The Real ACT textbook and 2 other former ACT tests that we print and provide as well.  We buy directly from the publisher and will have the books shipped directly to your school.  We have a few additional pages (PDFs) that students will receive by email that they will need during some classes, such as George’s math formula sheet and Laura’s ACT Rules of Grammar worksheets.  This pricing is for the school.  If you have a subgroup of students that are taking an ACT Prep course in the school and you want to use this just for that group or if you are providing it to all students the pricing is usually less than $100 per student (Please call for pricing).  Please contact our office at 205-989-4356 for more information.


Click here for an overview of how this course works.  This video is actual excerpts from all 4 of the classes.


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